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English Export Sales Engineer【Two people】 DetailsDelivery resume
  • Responsibilities:
  •      1.Develop new customers and maintain old customers;
  •      2.Maintain network platform , release B2B platform products, look for customer information;
  •      3.Order tracking and normal operation, including the installation and commissioning of pre - visa and other issues;
  •      4.Communicate with each department for information and order;
  •      5.Complete other things arranged by the leader.
  • Requirements
  •      1.At least 2 years sales experience in Food & beverage processing equipment, junior college or above.;
  •      2.Have good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, interpersonal skills and team spirit.;
  •      3.Cheerful and generous, have the ability to take the initiative and customer communication;
  •      4.Familiar with and skilled in the use of Excel, Word, Ppt and other software, familiar with OA, CRM and other management software。