Food & Medicine Automatic Packaging Line
Food & Medicine Automatic Packaging Line
Food & Medicine Automatic Packaging Line

Application is introduced

With the development of robot application in food industry and the requirement of production line productivity and flexibility, more and more application of multi-robot collaborative intelligent production line will become the mainstream development direction.In the production line, it is increasingly difficult for a single robot to meet the production capacity and functional requirements. The multi-robot system has the advantages of superior production flexibility and scalability, which improves the intelligence, information and adaptability of the production line.

1、A food production line case

2. Equipment composition
In the production line, there are 12 robots in total: 3 two-axis TDR2030 parallel robots, 2 two-axis TDR2040 parallel robots, 4 four-axis PicKING parallel robots, 1 stacking robot and 2 LASER forklift AGV, which realize the processes of pallet PicKING, tray loading, box forming, box loading, packing, stacking and handling.

3.Application industry:
Feed industry
Grain and Oil Industry
Beer beverage industry
Condiment industry
Dairy industry
Food Industry
Chemical Industry
Building Materials Industry
Daily chemical industry
Pharmaceutical industry
3C Electronics Industry
Appliance industry
other industry

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