Yogurt Production Plant
Yogurt Production Plant
Yogurt Production Plant
Yogurt Production Plant
Yogurt Production Plant
Yogurt Production Plant
Yogurt Production Plant
Yogurt Production Plant

The pretreatment of the milk is the same, regardless of whether set or stirred yoghurt is to be produced. It includes standardisation of the fat and dry matter contents, heat treatment and homogenisation. Figure shows an example of the design of a process line for yoghurt production. The milk is pump from storage tank to the process line, are not shown in the figure. It is assumed that the milk has been standardised to the required fat content before entering the line and standardisation of the dry matter content takes place in an evaporator in the process line. If the dry matter content is adjusted by addition of milk powder, the equipment used is similar to that described under “Recombined milk”. Any additives, such as stabilisers, vitamins, etc., can be metered into the milk before the heat treatment.

When the yogurt milk has been pretreated and cooled to inoculation temperature, the procedure for further treatment depends on whether set, stirred, drink, frozen or concentrated yogurt is to be produced. The quality of the yogurt in terms of texture and flavour is essential.


* Opportunity to realize products with customized recipes.

* Opportunity to produce more than one product with the same processing line.

* Accurate dosing of mixing and additional fruit and aromas.

* High quality of the final product keeping an elevated nutritional value.

* Wide customization of the final product.

* Maximum yield, minimum production waste.

* Highest energy savings thanks to the most advanced technologies.

* Complete line supervision system through monitoring of every process phase.

* Recording, visualization and printing of all daily production data.


Working capacity

from 5 tons/d up to 100 tons/d


Stirred yogurt
Stirred yogurt with fruit puree or flavor
Yogurt with cereals, fibre
Set yogurt
Drinking yogurt
Frozen yogurt
Concentrated yogurt
Package in cup, gable top carton, bottle



*Plate pasteurizer



Storage tank

Fermentation tank

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