AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle
AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle
AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle
AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle
AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle
AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle
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TVR1016-FL is a kind of AGV based on fork truck which is produced by Triowin for different industries. It can take place of traditional fork truck to pick or place pallets and it’s widely applied to different sectors such as warehousing industry, auto industry and so on. Its features are as follows:

* The navigation is based on laser.

* The safety module includes safety laser, op to electronic switches, bump, and emergency stop button.

* The fork truck model can be assigned by customers.


The weld frame of the truck is made of Q235 plank and profiles. Its strength and stiffness are ensured through welding and polishing. The surface treatment after welding ensures the quality of appearance. The reliability is guaranteed by kinematics simulation and stress analysis during designs.

The fork mechanism is composed of one pallet fork, one lifting cylinder, lifting chains and one door frame and other trivial elements. These constituents are purchased from professional vendors to meet various requirements, for instance, load capacity and maximum lifting height. In addition, among manifold safety measures security sensors are geared to guarantee absolute safe operations of AGV.

The laser navigation approach requires no more construction work on the factory floor, and offers fast and efficient navigation. Thanks to adopting WIFI communication, AGV operating status, location can be reported back to the WIFI terminal easily and conveniently.

Diving System

* The AGV is driven and steered by a single wheel. The drive unit is of Italian brand, METALROTA which is enjoying a great reputation in automation filed, thousands of AGVs equipped with its drive units.
* A driving motor and a steering motor enable AGV to move forward, backward, steer and rotate, suitable for all applications.
* Controllers for the driving motor and the steering motor are produced by CURTIS, a well-known US brand.
* The driving and steering motors are energized by AC power, high efficiency of power utility, free of maintenance, more reliable and extended lifetime.

Control System

Safety System

* Non contact protection: Non-tactile protection: safety laser and photoelectric switch. Safety laser installed in the front of vehicle has its safety range, partitioned into decelerating range and stopping range.When the safety laser senses obstacle in the decelerating range, AGV woulddecelerate according to pre-setting ramp.; while when obstacle is detected in stopping range, AGV stops immediately, within a very short time. Further, there are two photoelectric switches in the back of the fork. If AGV is closing on an obstacle, it will stop to avoid potential collision.
* Tactile sensors: A soft ring. When an obstacle touches the ring, it will trigger the AGV to stop.
* Emergency stop: AGV will stop upon receiving emergency stop signal.






Max load


Maximum load




Laser navigation


Max speed

Forwards: 1m/s  Turning: 0.7m/s

Max lifting height


Vehicle position accuracy

±10 mm

Repeatability accuracy



Ambient temperature range

-5℃ to 50℃



Safety function
Safety function

safety laser/ opto electronic switches /bump/emergency stop button

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