Continuous Disc Centrifuge
Continuous Disc Centrifuge
Continuous Disc Centrifuge
Continuous Disc Centrifuge
Continuous Disc Centrifuge
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The continuous disc centrifugal machine adopts the mechanical separation principle, has the advantages of high separation efficiency, continuous operation, good stability, etc. It is mainly used for the separation and clarification of fruit juice.

1.Duplicating industrial productionand continuous process
2.Capacity ranging from 50l/h to 500l/h, suitable for lab use and pilot process as well.
3.The recovery of fin particles reaching 0.1um and noise level below 75dB
4.HR series are of separated complete working unit, equipped with product feeding and receiving vessels(25l/50l), no other utilities required.
5.S.S. support frame, adjustable and no need for ground construction.
6.Bowl speed reaching 11000RPM and high G force
7.Bowl is of Duplex S.S and corrosion resistant.
8.High balance and vibration absorbingdesign for bowl and rotating parts
9.Wide applications: Dairy, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food, juice, wine,chemicals etc.



Concentration of biomasses Seperation of animal blood Extraction an recovery of vitamins Clarification of fermentation broths

Dairy application

Skimming of milk and whey Clarification of milk and whey

Edible oils and fats

  • Degumming,neutralizing,washing of oils and fats Purification and clarification of fats
  • Concentration and dehydration of fats

Washing of products

Recovery of catalysts Purification of solutions


Clarification of final products Clarification of solvents

Wine,beverages and juices

Clarification of must and wine Clarification of apple,citrus,and exotic juices   Recovery and concentration of essential oils

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