Drilling milk package gift box packaging production line
Drilling milk package gift box packaging production line
Drilling milk package gift box packaging production line
Drilling milk package gift box packaging production line
Drilling milk package gift box packaging production line
Drilling milk package gift box packaging production line
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Drilling milk package gift box overall solution
The overall solution of the brick and stone milk package gift box includes the following parts:
•    Gift box unpacking machine
•    Automatic gift box packaging machine
•    Robotic gift box stuffing system
•    Stacking system

Process specification

1. Before starting production, the gift boxes, lining plates and intermediate partitions should be placed in the material storage mechanism for use according to specific requirements;
2. Unpacking lining board system will open the gift box and place the lining board, and then transport it to the packing machine to wait for the packing of milk bags through the gift box conveyor;
3. milk bags are transported to the grasping section by flexible conveyor and road separator for grouping and waiting for grasping;
4.The gift box with liner is prefolded in the packaging machine by lining, the first layer is placed, the middle separator is placed, the second layer is placed, and the lining is formed.
5. The milk package is sealed by folding big page, folding small page, big tongue preforming, inserting big tongue, uvula preforming, and uvula inserting.
6. The sealed gift box goes through the weighing eliminator, labeling machine, laser code spraying machine, chain plate conveyor and finally enters the whole line of grabbing conveyor to arrange the gift box into the form of 2X3, waiting for the robot to grab the big box.
7. Large boxes are molded and sealed by the unpacking machine and transported to the packing area for packing;
8. At this time, the robot grabs the 6 gift boxes together and puts them into the big box through a suction cup and splint gripper.

9. The large boxes with the gift boxes are finally put into the robot stacking system through the code spraying machine and the box sealing machine to complete the automatic stacking.

System features:
1.  With Wordy industrial robot as the core, Moselian packaging processes such as unpacking, lining putting, packing, clapboard putting and big box loading can be realized through the robot;
2. The robot replaces the complex mechanical structure with simple mechanical structure, which makes the intelligent packaging system simple, improves production efficiency, reduces energy consumption and simplifies maintenance.
3. Control system, servo motor, reducer and other core components are imported brands;
4. Low loss of packaging materials
5.The whole l line is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which meets the requirements of food.The whole line adopts sanitary design, easy to clean;
6. Robot teaching operation is simple, the full graphical operation interface conforms to user characteristics, convenient for on-site staff operation;The operation data is easy to set up, adjust, store and transform, and the daily operation is convenient;
7. The technological process design of the whole robot complete set system is reasonable, the production is continuous and smooth, the system energy consumption is low, the safety protection device is carefully designed and the protection is reliable;

System solution

Gift box unpacking machine

Gift box automatic packaging

Mosleyan-Intelligent packaging production line
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