Intelligent Storage System


Intelligent Storage System made by Triowin are the new research and development project.Based on the aim to construct a efficient intelligent storage system,it is composed of warehouse, stacker, AGV, transportation system,wms.

PicKING Parallel Robot-Picking with high speed


Shanghai Triowin exclusive PicKING picking robot, a kind of 4 axis parallel robot with high speed and light load. achieving the XYZ direction translating in the working space and the free rotation around the Z axis.

The first developing in China-Dry matter Sterilization System


Shanghai Triowin has a new TW-ES dry matter electric steam sterilization system, using electric heating steam heating mode to achieve the purpose of sterilization.It shorten time in heating microbial cells that using high temperature saturated steam.

Movable Mini Processing Plant


TRIOWIN Movable Mini Processing Plant dedicate to the flowable Small pilot production line, combined with foreign production and the practical requirements of research and development.It meets the need of processing mango , guava and other fruit with capacity of 50-250kg / h and dairy processing with capcity of 500kg/h.

Modern warehouse assistant - AGV


On March 16-18,016, WorldFood organized by the ITE Uzbekistan, ITE ITE exhibitions and Eurasia exhibition jointly held in Uzbekistan, many professionals have expressed our products have a strong interest by many industry experts.

Water palletizing robot using for 5 gallons of bottled


Recently, Shanghai Triowin successfully launched a palletizing robot applied to 5 gallons of bottled water with high efficiency, small footprint and low energy consumption.The capacity can reach to 2000 barrels / hour and meet the requirements of domestic bottled water production line.

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