Multistage scale fermentation equipment
Multistage scale fermentation equipment
Multistage scale fermentation equipment
Multistage scale fermentation equipment
Multistage scale fermentation equipment
Multistage scale fermentation equipment
Multistage scale fermentation equipment
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Based on independent innovation and by integrating and absorbing advanced fermentation technology, mechanical design concept and automatic control technology from Europe and America, Triowin equipment has very mature turnkey engineering experience and technical ability of whole-plant fermentation project.Products are widely used in medicine, food industry, biological and chemical industry, agriculture, brewing and other industries.The project can be completed from production process design, equipment manufacturing, system engineering installation and debugging, equipment production and operation, related certification, operation training and other turnkey projects.

Technical Parameters:

1.  Volume: 50L, 100L, 200L, 500L--300T multi-stage fermentation tank optional;
2.  Loading coefficient: ≥70%;
3. Tank material: SUS304/316L stainless steel;
4. Surface finish: the inner surface mirror surface Ra≤0.6μm, the external surface matt or sandblasted;
5. Heating and cooling method: External jacket / outer half tube combined with inner tube;
6. Tank interface: PH, DO, temperature, inoculation, defoaming, acid supplementation, alkali supplementation, feeding, pressure, audition, etc.;
7. Structural form: vertical supporting legs, ear-type supports and skirt seats meet the requirements of different working conditions.
8. Stirring system: overhead mixing device, brand reducer, brand inverter, sanitary aseptic mechanical seal;
9. Paddle form: Different forms such as defoaming pulp, flat leaf, oblique leaf, curved leaf, and turbine type are selected according to customer requirements or process requirements.
10. System composition: first, second and third grade seed tanks,fermenters, acid and alkali liquid tanks, hot water tanks, air sterilization filters, automatic control instruments, PLC automatic control systems, connecting pipes and valves; At the same time, the fermentation system can be used with continuous disinfection equipment to reduce the disinfection time and maximize the effective composition of the medium. Compared with the traditional solid-state process, the steam can be reduced by about 50%;

Control System:

1. The tank body is equipped with temperature control jacket, PID digital control, circulating sterilization mode; in-situ sterilization, temperature control accuracy +0.2 ° C, resolution 0.1 ° C.
2. Temperature control range: 0-120±0.2°C, resolution 0.1°C;
3. Sterilization temperature: 100-150 ° C
4. Stirring speed: 50-1000 rpm ± 5% (depending on the size of the tank and the material requirements)
5. PH control: 2-12 ± 0.02 PH, resolution 0.01 PH. PH, acid and alkali linkage control. The peristaltic pump is automatically adjusted to add acid and alkali. Imported PH sensor for signal transmission.
6.DO control: 0-100%or 2-200% , resolution 0.01%, DO and speed linkage control, METTLER DO sensor for signal transmission
7. Foam control: automatic control and alarm, stainless steel electrode online monitoring, peristaltic pump automatically adds defoamer.
8. Air flow: mass flow meter, pneumatic valve automatic adjustment. Inlet filter, exhaust filter, with PALL filter, filtration accuracy of 0.22μm.
9. Tank configuration: The small tank has a flame inoculating port, and the sampling valve and the tank bottom valve can be sterilized at any time.
10. Control of lower machine: brand touch screen operation interface, special PLC automatic control program, realizing the whole equipment online operation, automatic stirring, sterilization, dissolved oxygen, PH adjustment, temperature adjustment, automatic foam elimination, etc.;
11. Host computer control: remote computer real-time monitoring, fermentation dedicated configuration software, historical data query analysis, curve analysis.

Equipment features:

1. Sterilized in place, safe and reliable.
2. No traditional risk of leakage;
3. The inoculation method is reliable, and various methods such as flame inoculation and differential pressure inoculation are available;

4. Structural integrated design, small footprint, beautiful appearance;

Optional options:

1. Multiple feeds;
2. Fully automatic sterilization (SIP)
3. Feeding/tank weighing;
4. Online monitoring and automatic control of air flow;
5. On-line detection of tail gas oxygen and carbon dioxide content;
6. Differential pressure inoculation assembly;
7. Can be equipped with a continuous disinfection system;

Fermentation process flow chart

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