PT-20C Combined Sterilizer of Tube and Plate
PT-20C Combined Sterilizer of Tube and Plate
PT-20C Combined Sterilizer of Tube and Plate
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The plate type heating module of plates and tubes,reserves one as an alternative.It is quite easy to shift before any new test.Therefore,it is widely applicable for various fluids,materials with a certain viscosity and feed containing small particles.
1.The system is equipped with a hot water generator and ice water machine, and can relate with online homogenization and aseptic filling according to customer requirements.
2. Peripherals only need tap water and electricity
3. Minimum feeding amount 3-5 L, shorten the experiment time
4. Micro, mobile laboratory, covers an area of only 2-3 square meters
5. The pipe assembly is manufactured according to the enterprise special standard, can be the same as the industrial production equipment, so that the material to form a certain turbulence, temperature control is more precise.
6. Control panel centralized control, and can be connected to the computer control, test data can be printed, online record, download, automatic generation curve analysis and permanent preservation.
7. Automatic control, high degree of automation
8. The experimental data is accurate and reproducible, and can be directly amplified to the level of industrial production.
9. In line with the European CE standard certification applicable products: milk, milk, fruit juice, tomato sauce, spices, additives, tea drinks, beer, cream, butter, ice cream and other products

Standard capacity

20L/H (flow 5-40L adjustable), other requirements can be meet by customization

Max temperature

150 degrees , adjustable

Holding time

to be determined by clients


10 maximum





Filling online


Hom online


Outlet temperature



3 phase power supply, 380 volts


SUS316 stainless steel


1700 (H) * 1200 (L) * 960 (W) mm

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