Resin Chromatography Equipment
Resin Chromatography Equipment
Resin Chromatography Equipment
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It is widely used in the extraction and purification of protein, amino acid, alkaloids, ginkgo flavonoids, bamboo leaf flavonoids, phenols, aldehydes, vitamins, enzymes, monosaccharides, polysaccharides and plant active ingredients. Reasonable diameter-height ratio, precise inlet and outlet fluid distributor.It equipped with automatic loading system and compressed air interface to ensure the filling effect and regeneration effect of chromatography column, and guarantee the efficient separation.  The mixture can be passed through one time and get many components at the same time, and the purity is high.


1. It is integrated with the computer control system. Based on the advanced PLC/DCS control system, the control and data collection of pumps, valves and various on-line detectors can be realized ,so that the multi-column series or parallel operation can be conveniently completed to ensure the stability and accuracy of the process.

2. On-line detection system for traditional Chinese medicine, including flow rate, pressure, temperature, PH value, conductivity and other routine process parameters monitoring, real-time detection of effective components of traditional Chinese medicine by spectrometer or chromatograph.

3. Main Control Functions (Optional): Automatic Control of Drug/Batch, Automatic Control of Feed/Discharge Flow, Automatic Control of Resin Regeneration, CIP Automatic Cleaning, Production Safety Control and Control Mode (PLC/DCS System).


1.Strong adaptability.
2.Easy to clean
3.Compact structure and small footprint.
4.Online resin regeneration can be achieved.
5.Can work under normal or pressurized working conditions.

6.Controlled by PLC automatically to run steadily for a long time.

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