RTC-2010D.D-CW Rheo Meter
RTC-2010D.D-CW Rheo Meter
RTC-2010D.D-CW Rheo Meter
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Japan RHEOTECH company is a professional analysis instrument manufacturers, since the first physical instrument in 1969, with continuous research and innovation for over thirty years, the RHEOTOCH company has developed the physical analyzer with hardware and software system, extensive application. Based on the stability and operation data,it gets the leading position in the world.

Test Items
Tenderness, rigidity, compression strength, jelly strength, cutting-off and rupture strength, creep, penetration, shear and cut-off, bending, extrusion strength, texture profile, grindability, tackiness, fatigue, viscosity and viscoelasticity , etc.

1.Inside micro-computer control offers easy to operation for setting complex measuring modes.
2.Ten-key allows easy operation with LCD display indictions.
3.Designed compact and easy to hand-carry for site analysis.
4.Promises precise and accurate operation by use of a stepping motor and fine ball screws.
5.Automatic load initiation capabilities offers easy zero point reset during adapter replacement.
6.Load and strain are directly indicated by digital display.
7.An auxiliary RS-232C input/output connector offers high  connectivity to Data storage devices, etc.



Moving Distance



±20N   ,±100NSwitch between

Measuring element

High precision pressure measuring element

Driving technology

High precision ball screw

Control technology

Distributed Microprocessor Control Systems

Measurement model

Pressure measurement mode, fixed depth measurement mode, fixed table moving distance measurement mode, breaking strength measurement model, creep model, automatic sample thickness measurement model

Moving speed

6 kinds of switching (2,5,6,10,20,750px/min) or (5,6,10,20,30,1500px/min)

Pressure display

3 digit LED display

Tension display

3 digit LED display

Sample thickness

3 digit LED display

Stop time setting

Instantaneous action, 10 seconds, 20 seconds


Automatic zero adjustment

Overvoltage protection

To provide protection to the load through the maximum operating pressure detection

Power Supply

220/250Valternating current,50/60HZ


260W*430H*280Dmm(width * height * length)



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