Stability Analyzer
Stability Analyzer
Stability Analyzer
Stability Analyzer
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Germany LUM full function stability analyzer - the world's leading stability analyzer manufacturers. Products are mainly used for material stability, discrete, product storage, particle size and particle size distribution, and other performance indicators analysis.

Monitoring Range
* stability analysis
* Separation and analysis
* Dispersion analysis
* Product storage period
* Particle size and particle size distribution (percentage distribution)

Product Advantage
* In the high concentration of the dispersion system, rapid stability test and fixed research
* Accelerated delamination at different speeds
* Minutes and hours, instead of days and weeks.
*  High resolution size analysis

Application Area

* Food and drink
* Agricultural chemical fertilizers and chemicals
* Drugs and cosmetics
* Petroleum and petrochemical industry
* Colloid, cell and biochemical colloid
* Nano particle surface modification or active agent
* Fine chemical products / ceramics and cement
* fuel cell

* Chemical, mechanical polishing agent and abrasive
* Emulsion
* Polymer, emulsion, adhesive and gel
* Chemical / polymeric suspensions
Ink, toner, paint, dyestuff, pigment and dispersant
* Lubricants, crude oil and bitumen
Pulp and paper industry
* Sludge, sludge and wastewater treatment

* Formulation research and development of stable suspensions
* The study and development of precipitation or flotation of emulsion
* Research and development of water bubble
* The measurement and improvement of unstable suspension
* Prediction of product retention period
* Study on coagulation / sedimentation / aggregation / polymerization / dehydration
* The selection of the most appropriate brand of the emulsion breaker and the anti - emulsion breaker
* Determination of optimum adding amount of crude oil
* Acceleration detection and monitoring of separation process
* Determination and control of optimum dosage of settling agent
* Pigment dispersion in different grinding time
*  The stability of surfactant dosage on carbon black suspension
* Separation of oil in water or water in oil
* Particle size and particle size distribution (percentage distribution)
* Quality assurance and quality control in industry and research
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