Warehouse Management System
Warehouse Management System
Warehouse Management System

Triowin WMS warehouse management system controls and optimizes manual, semi-automated and fully automated warehouses to improve warehouse efficiency, accuracy and distribution processing capacity. The software's simple, user-friendly features allow systems to be configured according to the specific requirements of automated warehousing and logistics, helping enterprises to address the challenges they face in the warehousing process. Triowin WMS system is aimed at various distribution centers and warehouses of the third party logistics, FMCG retail, medicine, communication, tobacco, e-commerce, automobile, manufacturing and other industries, providing the industry's leading integrated warehousing management solutions.


Business pattern management with multiple organizational structures and multiple silos: The system support enterprise group management company structure, provide more warehouse support, no matter where your warehouse or distribution center is located in and can be integrated management, through being Trioiwn WMS system according to the customer demand support centralized deployment and distribution, and convenient for the customer to conduct a comprehensive rights management.


Multiple owners management: you could be a manufacturing enterprise's distribution center, could also be a third-party logistics company's warehouse, Triowin WMS for owner's business more difficulties existing in the management, can be set up to the comprehensive management of different shippers, different shippers can have different operation procedure, define different operating strategy.

Visual inventory management: the powerful multi-angle inventory management function provided by the system can meet the different needs of different roles for inventory management. The system provides a complete transaction history, whether it is receiving, putting on shelves, picking up and delivering goods, or moving, counting and transferring goods within the warehouse. At any given time, you can easily understand all the business activities that are taking place within the warehouse. More importantly, it provides a pair of business documents for the whole process of graphical progress monitoring, business norms against tardiness and error strict control, to further ensure the efficient and accurate operation of the warehouse inventory.


Multiple job strategy :Triowin WMS system provides powerful stocking strategy, picking strategy, replenishment strategy, wave number (batch) strategy, inventory strategy, code tray (packing) strategy, ABC strategy, replenishment strategy between warehouses; When the warehouse operation instruction arrives at the warehouse, the system can automatically compile the execution plan according to the pre-made strategy; On the basis of meeting various receiving and shipping requirements of customers (such as first-in, first-out, first-in, first-out, delivery by batches, etc.), the warehouse operation line is optimized to save the workload of forklift trucks and operators, solve the operation bottleneck, and optimize the layout of inventory.


Scheduling management: The system subdivides various operation modes in the warehouse according to receiving, putting on shelves, picking up goods, checking, shifting, counting, replenishing goods, in-warehouse processing, etc., and puts them into the work queue according to tasks. Operators in each area will automatically receive the work tasks. Through the inventory log, the system can record every system action and the inventory changes completely. When there is a shortage of goods, it can be checked. The system supports all kinds of special operation requirements such as partial receiving, partial picking, partial shipping, return of goods, and return of goods.

Multi-code system management: In order to meet the complex and diverse management needs of enterprises, the system provides SKU management, batch code, virtual batch code, box code (pallet) management, and unique sequence code management, which can make up for the shortcomings of the ERP system that cannot carefully distinguish materials and guide operations. Provides the warehouse manager for the same material details of the difference management means.

Full RF operation: RF modules are embedded in the system, which can meet the requirements of paperless operation in the warehouse and greatly improve the inventory accuracy and timeliness. RF module is developed based on the client, which has the following functions: fast speed, visual interface, fast communication speed, low network requirements, support for multiple brands, convenient deployment and update, and support for offline network acquisition.


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