Yogurt Cooler
Yogurt Cooler
Yogurt Cooler
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TW-HC20 Yogurt Cooler adopts the tube in tube heat exchange design; combined by the pre-cooling stage, cooling stage. Compact equipment structure, high accuracy cool temperature control; only need to connect the ice water, tap water and electric power to work.

Experimental Data
Provide stable replicable testing data for stirred yogurt development:
* Cooled to required filling temperature through two stage cooling system; complete the demulsification and cooling at the same time.
* Shear force can be adjusted by yogurt flat valve.
* Effect on the yogurt texture and viscosity at difference filling temperature or shearing force.
* Applicable for the repeate comparison test for stirred type yogurt, greek yogurt and milk desserts.

Standard capacity

20L/H (adjustable flow 5-40L) can be customized according to customer requirements

Size of tube

Inside diameter 13mm

Max inlet particle size

Max 0.8mm

Min cooling temperature


Max heating temperature


Max pressure


CIP function



10L,With agitator


3 phase power supply, 380V, ground zero, ground wire

Design power


Tap water

pressure≥2KG, consumption≥250L/H

Cooling water

pressure≥2KG,consumption≥150L/H  temperature<7℃

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